World EFT Summit 2024

Mark your calenders June 3d and 4th in 2024 and join us for this inspiring event with EFT-colleagues from all around the world. The theme of the Summit is: "Maintaining hope in a world of uncertainty: the art and science of EFT".

A warm welcome to all of you!

In a world of uncertainties, we all are struggling to keep our emotional balance.  People are migrating all over the world, trying to find shelter and safety. In numerous countries political, economic and social turmoil is going on. And we, as therapists, are also affected. Our practices are filled with people in need. A solid model has become an essential requirement for therapists to deal with life’s challenges. EFT is a model that gives us a roadmap and is our backbone.

In the upcoming World Summit 2024 we will explore the new developments in the EFT-model, EFIT, EFFT and HMT with attention for different groups and cultures. We aim to inspire and learn together to make this world a safer place!

Drs. Karin Wagenaar
Chair of the Dutch EFT Foundation, local organizer

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June 3-4 2024 in the Netherlands (Europe)

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Our keynote speakers


  • Sue Johnson (Canada) founder EFT
  • Emily Nagoski (USA) psychologist and sexologist
  • Mark Solms (South Africa) neuropsychoanalyst
  • Siebrecht Vanhooren (Belgium) existential psychologist

Scientific committee

The scientific committee has been given the task to create the most interesting programme within the scope of the theme of the summit.

The scientific committee consists of:

  • Karin Wagenaar, chair of the Dutch EFT Foundation and local organizer
  • Lieven Migerode, board member EFT Belgium
  • Kyriaki Polychroni, Director EFT Greek Network

More members of the scientific committee will be shown here soon. 


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