What is unique about EFIT?

This powerful EFT modality brings together the intrapsychic and the interpersonal experiences of our individual clients. As their safe "other", we help them explore their presenting issues as manifestations of their emotion regulation strategy, and as recurring, painful cycles that once served to protect them but no longer do so. They start to feel a sense of validation and personal agency in their most painful places. Emotion is accessed and reprocessed to draw out deepest fears and longings, and views of self and other emerge and become open for modification. Engaged encounters are used to shape powerful corrective emotional experiences, which create a more flexible responsiveness to others and a deeper sense of self-acceptance.


EFIT Level II: Deepening Engagement to Create Lasting Change

This Advanced EFIT training will include an in-depth review of the model, EFIT videos, and experiential exercises/role plays, to build on EFIT Level One. Moving our way through the Tango moves in both Stage One and Stage Two will help participants build their awareness and confidence in how to apply EFIT to their own cases.


Learning objectives: Learn to help your clients to find their emotional balance and resiliency, and a sense of self-efficacy in life:

Distinguish between the macro-intervention (EFT Tango) and the EFT micro-interventions.

  1. Learn to track and reflect the emotion regulation patterns of clients with a range of presenting issues.
  2. Work effectively with emotion to unfold and deepen:  with increasing specificity and granularity.
  3. Shape engaged encounters to shift view or self and other, and shape new patterns of engagement (stage two).
  4. Understand your own "difficult places" in using the EFIT model.


Prerequisite: EFIT Level One


Pre-workshop reading:

Attachment Theory in Practice, by Dr Susan Johnson (chapters 1-5).
Please review your EFIT Level One notes.
A Primer for Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) by Susan Johnson en Leanne Campbell.


Participants have the option to bring forward challenging client scenarios, which may be used during the training as scenarios for learning and role playing. If you have a case or a question, please contact Yolanda directly at yolanda@vcfi.ca.


About Yolanda von Hockauf, M.Ed., R.M.F.T.

Yolanda von Hockauf, M.Ed., R.M.F.T., Certified EFT Therapist, Supervisor & Trainer.

Yolanda von Hockauf is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified EFT Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer. As a psychotherapist participating in Dr. Sue Johnson’s original research study in the early 1980’s, she has been involved with this model from the ground up. She has a passion for sharing the power of EFT with clients and other therapists and trains regularly throughout North America and Europe. She is regularly sought out for consultation by her senior colleagues.

Yolanda is a founding director of the Vancouver Couple & Family Institute and the Vancouver Centre for EFT, both of which have gained a reputation of excellence in the professional community and the general public.

Since 2009, Yolanda has extended her training work in couple EFT to include Individual EFT (EFIT) and has trained hundreds of therapists in this EFT modality.

Yolanda receives consistent feedback that her engaging and transparent style, combined with a depth and clarity in her teaching, makes her training an exceptional experience for beginning and advanced therapists alike.


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