EFT's AIRM - Lorrie Brubacher

If you have ever wondered how to work with clients who enter therapy in the midst of discovering a betrayal or have felt uncertain about what to do with clients who refuse to discuss an old injury because it is too painful and could destroy the last threads of hope, this is the workshop for you!

Following the workshop, participants will be able to follow EFT’s AIRM and:

  • Facilitate increasing depth of experiencing (vulnerability) and responsiveness between partners.
  • Help partners to reprocess the anger, sadness, shame, and fears related to the injury.
  • Facilitate an emotionally engaged apology – with attuned and expressed empathy for other’s pain and remorse.
  • Help the injuring partner to get a felt sense of the other’s pain, discovering it is healing for both parties, rather than shaming.
  • Shape a vulnerable reach for comfort and care (Tango Move 3) and processes the encounter (Tango Move 4). The response and reception of the partner’s response reshapes the broken bond into one of safety and security.


Marlene Best

More information will follow.


Jongste telg aan de EFT-boom: Houd me Vast - Laat me Los - Katja Pereira en Barbara Veldt

Tijdens deze workshop maken deelnemers kennis met de nieuwe training 'Houd me Vast - Laat me Los'.

(This workshop is only available in Dutch)


Spiegel je partner (lichaamsgericht spiegelen in relatietherapie) - Hester Slagman en Melissa Chrisstoffer

Deze training geeft therapeuten een lichaams- en ervaringsgerichte tool in het werken met stellen. Lichaamsgericht spiegelen is een ‘short cut’ naar het empathische ‘volwassen’ brein.   

Deelnemers leren lichaamsgericht spiegelen inzetten in zowel EFT-therapie als de 'Houd me vast'-training. Je leert je cliënten vanuit de zit /praat /voel-modus in beweging te komen en het lichaam als ‘container’ van gevoelens en gedachten in te zetten. Deelnemers leren koppels te begeleiden in het fysiek ervaren, laten zien en ontvangen van emoties van zichzelf en elkaar.  

(This workshop is only available in Dutch)


Compassie in de Klinische Praktijk - Birgitte Beelen

Deze sessie zal het volgende behandelen:
- Introductie van het begrip Compassie
- Een korte metta-meditatie
- Presentatie van de Emotieregulatiesystemen
- Individueel en vervolgens in drietallen oefenen met de emotieregulatiesystemen
- Plenaire sessie en afsluitende meditatie

(This workshop is only available in Dutch)


Receiving love in places you have never gotten re-integrates parts of the self and the couple. A pursuer softening experience through the music of Janis Joplin - Giulia Altera

It certainly sounds strange to introduce a workshop where we are trying to reach a feeling of integration (after fragmentation in pandemic times) with a story that takes place between the  60s and 70s. How odd it is to feel one's need to be loved, to be seen, to be cared for by a loved one when this need is not (or does not seem to be) met. Even more so in these pandemic times. This contributes to a fragmentation of the self that has already occurred or occurs right here right now. The fragmentation is amplified by what makes us feel in danger or alone during this global event. How  to  bring  different  music,  how  to  "reattune"  all  of  this?  Especially  when  the  therapist  is  also immersed in this general disconnect. What I would like to do is to help you listen, literally, to the ultimate change event on an EFT therapy, the one that brings the pieces together in an embrace, so that this music can guide you in your sessions, to help you integrate the self of the other by playing your instrument, yourself, in the most attuned way possible.


Kyriaki Polychroni

More information will follow.


Verbindende emotiegerichte groepspsychotherapie - Elien van Oostendorp en Petra Kruijdenberg

In het eerste deel van de workshop zullen we overbrengen wat in onze ogen centrale elementen zijn om een therapiegroep veilig en zinvol te maken met ervaringsgerichte oefeningen.
In het tweede deel horen we(eerst in subgroepen en dan plenair) ideeën voor oefeningen die in een dergelijk aanbod zouden passen en gaan we twee daarvan uitproberen.

(This workshop is only available in Dutch)


Tools for Use of Self when Working from an EFT Perspective - Senem Zeytinoğlu Saydam

Person-of-the-Therapist Training model (POTT; Aponte and Kissil, 2016) is a guide to effectively use the self in therapy. POTT model emphasizes the importance of increasing the therapists’ understanding, awareness and acceptance of their own personal issues in order to create a more empathic connection with their clients. Since all human beings regardless of their background have their own struggles, hang-ups and insecurities, POTT model highlights how these factors can be used as tools by the therapists in the therapeutic relationship to understand their clients’ experiences and be present with them during the therapeutic journey. 

In this workshop, the presenter aims to create a roadmap and provide tools for the therapists using the POTT model to enhance their connection to their clients and effectiveness of their interventions. 

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